Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Bringing Up Coco: Season 2

It feels great coming home after a loooong holiday. So long that the familiarity of home has faded. While it was a rocking holiday, not a day went without remembering my 'home' and missing it. 'Bringing Up Coco' is important to me but actually bringing up Coco is a time consuming job and I am a lazy lazy woman, and though I kept planning to return, it kept me tied up. I am good at planning, but when it comes to execution , i am a real mess.

Now, my thoughts and ideas are overflowing and seriously need an outlet. Plus a change of location (long awaited and ooohh so nice) brought some fresh air as well as a couple of free hours available. So bottom line is I am back with great plans and keeping my fingers crossed for implementing them the way I thought.

Marching ahead, regardless!