Thursday, 21 February 2013

Make God Happy, Stay Dirty on Thursdays!

Being a woman has never been easy. Being a 'bahu' in a traditional family is even more difficult. Women in my 'sasural' do not find certain things surprising/shocking/weird/funny because that is a way of life for them. All of them have been born and brought up in similar environment to live a life typically consisting of 'pooja-paath' and cooking.
During my initial days as a bride, I was most flummoxed by rituals and laws associated with women's hairwash. Apparently, one should not wash her hair on a monday if she has a son. Tuesdays are okay. Wednesday is bad for anything in this family, so no hairwash on that day either. Thursday is Lord Vishnu's day, so no one is allowed to use soap on that day, a married woman washing her grimy locks is necessarily prohibited. On Friday, you should not wash your hair if you have got your periods. Saturday is the day of 'Mahakaal', so no hairwash. Sunday is fine. Now, you should also not wash your hair on a 'no moon day' (amavasya), since you are not allowed to open you 'sindoordan' (the case containing sindoor) and a hairwash means you HAVE to apply sindoor after it immediately. And then there are some other days, known as 'panchak' (I have no idea what is that) which are bad for anything again. So if those are on a Sunday or a Tuesday, you do not get a hairwash!
I, on the other hand have different things to do. I have an office to go to, shopping, friends, parties, long list...hence require more grooming than the above schedule allows. Now, if I am not a smart woman who could sort out this issue, could God create an 8th day in a week!

Edited on 29th January 2015: This was supposed to be a funny post about how I feel about certain rituals. But since it is the most popular post on this blog, and most searched for using the keywords 'can girls wash their hair on amavasya', I now know it is a serious issue for many more like me. Read more here. Hope that helps.