Thursday, 30 June 2016

From Himalayas To Nilgiris!

A big hello from a new place. May was all about packing and moving and June went in settling down in this awesome new place that has everything that the lazy woman loves. It has beautiful weather, hills and of course flowers of all colors. The surrounding hills are carpeted with lush green tea gardens which make a view so luxurious, its takes your breath away. But what it really lacks is the familiarity and comfort of the place that I called home for past two years.
 Between packing and unpacking boxes, the time flew by and little did I realize that I was actually missing something. Coco and his dad both became busy soon enough and I was left at home wondering why I found myself engulfed with a strange emptiness. More alarming was the fact that many of the ladies here complained of feeling blue and depressed. Being the hardcore optimist that I am, I never admitted to it openly and strongly believed that these are initial jitters that will subside in some time.

The hills and the climate are great, but just not comforting enough. We are staying on the top floor of a three storey building, which provides exceptional views of the town nearby. But it is not something that I wake up for. It is not something that I look out for, like I used to play peekaboo with my rosebushes. Waking up and seeing a hill town spread before my eyes is a strange view and I was unable to assimilate it all into my existence, for first few days.

 It has been over a month now, and I am still figuring out my favorite spot where I can sit with a cup of tea, a piece of craft, a book, my laptop, or just by myself quietly. This new home of mine has a serious lack of such cozy corners.On top of that, it is too rainy and too windy here. Then one day it occurred to me. I am not an apartment dweller by nature, none of us are. I have stayed on ground for most of my life. I even hate flights. Staying on second floor is really hard work for me. It makes me feel, well, restricted. Additionally, in the busy schedule, I barely spend any time alone at home. Being an earth dweller, I need to grow my roots before I start feeling comfortable. I need to spend time in this new home, to be able to love it and call it home lovingly. 

These days, I am trying to do precisely that. The good news is, we are slowly growing on each other, Nilgiris and I. Meanwhile, the treasured memories of Himalayan foothills are safely nesting in my heart.
  Boxes packed, loaded, gone...catching a few moments in the garden before saying goodbye.