Friday, 23 May 2014

A Moving Story

So where were we busy the whole month? Guess what, we moved again, though only to the next block of houses this time. Ever since we settled into house number one in the current location, we were trying to squeeze ourselves with all our stuff into the cosy fauji home that was allotted to us. Though I had grown comfortable in it, because as lazy as I am, everything was just at an arm's length literally. Coco's dad kept convincing me into moving again to a bigger home, but I dreaded all the hard work that goes into upsetting and resetting, especially when I tend to grow roots wherever I stay for a couple of days.

Then, he tried the oldest trick. He gave me a tour of the prospective homes that could be ours. I tagged along, thinking that with all the long wait lists, he might not get a new house so soon. But who knew, God had been reading this post and granted me another shifting of home.
I was still very lukewarm to the whole idea of changing the house within 3 months of settling in when I came across this awesome rosebush, and even without seeing the house from inside, I wished I could move in here in the vicinity of these beauties at four corners of the garden. Though the unoccupied house and uncared-for garden were not quite flattering with dry leaves strewn all across, the roses were quite something. A luxury which reminded me of my childhood. Oh, how I always wanted such lovely bunchy roses in my home!
"There are Mango trees and Litchi trees here, look there is a curry leaf plant too." He is trying to convince me. I am still all over the roses, looking at them from every angle, taking their beauty in, clicking pictures for I might not see them again if this house is not allotted to us.
"Relax dear, this one is the house that is most likely to be allotted to us." Sigh!! Lets move in then.
And the receding flower season had some relics here too, which were promptly clicked for my archives.
As it was destined, the house with four rosebushes was allotted to us and we moved in here. Since there was not much of packing and unpacking to do, we settled here quite quickly.
The new house that we now call home is quite big and comfortable, a notch above regular army houses. There are quite a few stories about this house too which will be shared in due course.
But what really is the icing on the cake is the greenery surrounding this place. Though House No. one had a garden and trees too and birds used to make sweet noises all day long, the new place has another look and feel, like a forest resort.
Though most of the flowers have dried up, we are trying our best to grow some summer plants in the flower beds. The grass is green and the trees are bearing fruit. What else can I ask for!

Dear God, thank you for all this beauty surrounding me. May I always have enough flowers to see and enough happiness to enjoy their loveliness.