Thursday, 8 November 2012

Stealing moments

Coco keeps me so busy, as any mom of a newborn will be familiar with, that despite imagining all sorts of topics to post, and writing them mentally, I have not even been able to see how my postless blog looks. Endless sessions of nappy changing hardly allow me time to eat or take a bath, catching forty winks is a luxury and being seen with a laptop….ooo! blasphemy!! But this lady here is determined to share with you a few moments of stolen time.
Anyways, the 6 week old has been visiting the hospital for his vaccinations as well as to keep his appointment with the pediatrician (or pedestrian, as Coco’s dad would say; another famous story in my household). It is really heartening to find out that he has put on a kg in less than a month, which is really important  since he was born a mere 2.4 kg. But it takes a very strong person to see the injection piercing their baby and not feeling queasy. Now I know why the bond between a mother and a child is so special. Each day I notice something about my baby that reminds me of my mother and I realize how she feels about me. Now I know my mom better. I love her even more. And I must say, every child needs a mother, even the old ones.