Tuesday, 27 November 2012

My tender COCOnut

About 8-9 months ago, my husband and I walked into a Naturals ice cream parlour and discovered amazing tender coconut ice cream. We would often order tub loads of ice cream after that evening and would simply enjoy the coconutty sweet coolness. If only we knew how important a role coconut is going to play in our near future!

When we were bringing him home from hospital, doctors clearly advised us to use coconut oil for massages. At home, we could not find any and an over enthusiastic great granny of Coco could not wait, so we took out a branded baby oil and Coco was given his first massage with everyone looking on, their mouths and eyes wide open, his father clicking snaps from various angles. Next morning, Mr. Coco was found covered with angry red spots all over his little body, ears so swollen, they were hanging. My first guess was the baby oil caused it. We  took him to the doctor and he scolded us for using any other oil. He said: no fancy oils, no powders, no lotions, only baby soap is permissible, and coconut oil.

After he was massaged with coconut oil, he smelled like ... well, coconuts. His father called him tender coconut first, but thankfully later settled to a more human like Coco! Then it just clicked and got kind of approved as his pet name till we got a better name for him. The name search is still on.

Coconuts are involved in many other ways too in Coco's case, but that story later.

Moral of the story:
1. Doctor's advice is better than TV ads, especially in case of premature babies.
2. Vegetable oils are good for massages, coconut oil being the best.
3. Not all babies respond to popular products in the same manner.

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