Monday, 24 December 2012

Oil Change ?!!

Winters have arrived in Delhi in full swing.  A foggy view of the park can be seen from my balcony.
What was my favourite flowery view in October (above), has now changed to a bare tree (below) looking so cold, I would knit a shawl for it!

Woollens and heaters have started their chores, teacups are doing extra rounds as knitting needles are out on duty.

Feeling adventurous, Coco's great granny not only suggested using mustard oil for baby's massage for winters, she gave her recipe of mustard massage oil too. Cooked with garlic, ajwain and heeng, the oil smells awful and is a lot greasy than coconut oil too. I feel like changing his clothes and cleaning the folds of his thighs and neck more often, which is a pain in chilly Dilli winter. However, the baby looks a lot more relaxed and warm with this massage.

We first rubbed the oil on his left leg as a test and left it overnight to see if it was okay. And it was okay! There are no allergies too! Old wisdom is good wisdom.

After using this for a couple of days, we shunned garlic and heeng, and stuck to ajwain only. As it turned out, garlic is good for painful joints and maybe done away with in regular massage. The oil is less smelly now.

Oil has changed, but I am not changing his name from Coco to Musto anytime soon or ever!

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