Friday, 15 February 2013

For the sake of the name!

Couldn't agree more with Mr. Jug Suraiya. Reading his article, I was reminded of my own 'baby name finding quest'.
When I wanted to give a unique as well as meaningful name to my four month old son, I was overwhelmed with these new era designer names. Everything from Vivaan to Kiyaan was suggested but I insisted on the meaningfulness of the name. Now, his great grandfather, who has named two other schoolgoing kids in the family as 'Manmohan' and 'Jagmohan',  wants to name him 'Rajkumar'. Though it is a good name and meaningful too, I would never ever name my child 'Rajkumar', with all due respect! For when he grows up, he will ask me why did I let that happen to him! I usually imagine being in the novel 'The Namesake'. Though I have named him 'Darsh' which is Lord Krishna's name and qualifies on all my parameters,  great-grampa still insists on 'Rajkumar'! I let him be, as long as the kid's birth certificate has 'Darsh' on it.