Sunday, 18 August 2013

A Child's Play

A lot of time and effort goes into choosing the right toys for Coco. I try to find out toys with zero possibility of hurting him. No hard parts, lightweight, washable and all that jazz. After all, I am a modern mom, who gives him best care(?) and also writes a blog about him (Well at least the name says so!).

But what does Mr. Little Coco Nut like to play with? Remotes, cell phones, keys, keyboard, mouse, kitchen jars, steel tumblers, clothespins, paperweights, sweet boxes, shopping bags, shoes, newspapers, eyeglasses and everything else that I cannot imagine would catch his fancy and hence do not remove from his view.

Latest 'toy' to catch his fancy are empty corncobs! He inserts his tiny fingers into the little spaces made by removing the corn and would keep doing that till the cob is snatched away. He has also learnt to register a strong protest by giving out a deafening shriek.

Oh wait, did I tell anything about the mole on my neck being a subject of his admiration (and scratching by paper thin nails) nowadays?

Whoever said babies are bundles of joy............ was absolutely right though!