Monday, 16 September 2013

Rain is falling chhamachham!!

Coco is enjoying the first rain-showers of his life at Nana's. The beauty of it all is breathtaking. Rain howls in open fields as we look at the downpour from  the balcony at the back.

Closer home, the drops of rain slide from the cold steel railing like pearls. Hm, it all makes him jump with surprise and joy.  


After a thorough wash with rains, the clear green of the fields looks like a painting, complete with a pair of Sarus Cranes playing. The rain water logged in the fields has transformed them into a pond where a variety of birds come looking for food and frolic.

And then, Nana brings home some awesome gifts of rainy season. A toothless Coco enjoys licking roasted 'Bhuttas' as he thinks that is what Nana and Mummy are doing.