Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Baby Alert!

Sometimes, immersed in my thoughts and daydreams, I go back to my old self and almost forget that a baby now rules my life. But then some or the other mark left by Coco appears before my eyes which brings me to today's reality.
'Hello madam, you should know a baby is around when you see.... 
 1 ...your precious bedroom wall has a new artwork, created during last five minutes when you took a loo break.
2 ...your sitting room is now a parking lot and a dumping ground of sorts.

3 ...unusually small stuff appears on your balcony.
4 ...a newly acquired book is found in above condition. :'(

5 ...an uncommon addition to your knick-knacks collection.
6 ...a birthday cake of this nature. ( Birthday cake at a party where Coco was invited as the youngest party-goer!)

7 ...people less interested in the tourist spot (Rock Garden, Chandigarh) and more in finding companions of their own age.

8 ...a heterogenous mix of all sorts of stuff in vivid colours used for entertainment purpose cluttering your side tables, bed and all such surfaces .
9 ...these guys appearing in your laundry. Regularly.

10.  And the best one... You know you have a little tyrant at home when...
...otherwise talkative you and your spouse keep hushing and shushing each other and everyone else and resort to sign language when the little one is sleeping.'

'Yes, thank you, my dear little sir, to bring me back from my childhood to yours.' 


  1. So cute. I can feel your emotions as I too have the same feelings. My son, about to be 3 in a few weeks, is same.
    And, I bet you these memories you always cherish although sometimes you may get annoyed or wacky.

    Love CoCo! :)

    1. Thanks for visiting Rranjan.
      Yes, it is overwhelming at times but being a parent is by far the most joyous experience of my life...

  2. Ma'am well expressed....keep updating as we r also getting ready to begin this wonderful journey...

    1. Hi , thanks for visiting.
      Congratulations and best of luck for this wonderful experience. However well I express, it is at its best when you are actually there... :)