Saturday, 23 August 2014

The Attack of e-Ghost

The above picture was taken with my half- broken-down phone on Janmashtami, Lord Krishna's birthday. Coco was looking super-cute in his blonde Kanha avatar and we parents were all over him. Only we had little means to capture these precious moments. Camera not charged and both our phones sick, we somehow managed to do this photo shoot. How did we reach this poor state of affairs? 

Before shifting into this house, I had heard stories about it being a haunted place. Now I know for sure, that it is haunted, by an IT-enabled e-Ghost, who loves to break down our Wi-fi, shakes laptop's memory, so it erases all the data including precious memories captured in pictures, hijacks all the smartness off of smartphones so they become dumbest ever, or worst, crushes them to bits, so we end up buying new smartphones. 

Not only IT, this one enters my kitchen too at times and messes with my pots and pans. It probably knows how I hate handle-less pans or loose screws of lids. So it did precisely that. And many utensils were suddenly found in a handle-less, screw-less, wobbly state!

I know it is there is an assortment of reasons for these incidents, but when everything falls apart at the same time, we tend to find something to blame for all of it.  Then we pacify ghosts with some offerings. :) Only our e-Ghost has already had its fill with all our pictures and data, plus a lot of money.

I had accumulated a lot of pictures in my laptop to be put up on my blog, and they all vanished in a blink. Being lazy took its toll big time!