Thursday, 11 September 2014


 Nowadays, I peep out of my living room window and get the absolutely green surroundings. The yellow miniature sunflowers are sprawling like wild bushes and are covering more area than they are supposed to...but they add a lot of flower power to the surroundings and that is all that matters, and works well for me. 
Nowadays, the days are bright and lovely here. Full of sunshine, pleasant weather, with little rain showers here and there.  

Adjacent to the sunflowers are the zinnias, the gorgeous, colourful and very durable flowers...that are capable of charming me into walking out of the front door at noon, without any purpose other than just gazing at them. There they are, beckoning me with all their beauty and colour, instantly transporting me to another world, where only we exist...those flowers and me!
I start walking towards them, and then the bright sun catches my attention. A look above, and there are cottony white clouds above huge forest trees, indicating the receding rainy season. Quite pleasant, combined with a breeze which is beginning to give that festive-wintry feel that comes only in late October in the great plains.
Receding rainy season, and beginning of wintry feeling...ooh, my favourite part of the year!
And those lovely-lovely the brightest of hues. Nature has the loveliest colours and designs. Ah, yes, it's all right there- at my doorstep. I guess, I can put everything else on hold for 5 minutes and admire the beauty around.

 Look at that colour, and the blinding sun adds another fiery dimension to this bright orange-red. So it is nearly impossible to capture the real colour, that too with a phone.
 I tilted this one a little so that it would show its real pink colour. Awesome, isn't it?
One more shot at the red-orange one, and... nah! It is just not going to happen...its so bright out here.
So we move to a cool shady photogenic area and clickety-click some more! Oh, it is so fulfilling, the company of beautiful flowers. Absolute stress-buster! Getting so much visual pleasure is certainly one of the best things about life in a cantonment.