Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Ek Titli..

Days are really pleasant in the cold foothills of Uttarakhand with sun shining brightly. I try to finish my work as soon as possible to get some time to sit in the sun. Then we come out, Coco, me and my bean bag, with a piece of knitting and a cup of tea usually. On this particular day, I was beautifying my nails for the evening when some colour other than this bright red caught my eye.

It came closer, then farther, farther away, hovering above plants, its lovely blue flickering in the sunshine. A lot of butterflies flit around in the garden, mostly yellow and white. Once a really large black one entered the hall and sat upside down on the ceiling for three days before being chased out. This one looked really pretty, and charmed me so much that I nearly missed the little brown moth accompanying it. Look closely!

 I could not stop my lazy self from wiggling out of the bean bag and reach the lime tree to get a closer look. And I was amazed again at my own capability of forgetting myself when the tiny little beauties of nature come to meet me. It is little details that make the big picture worth watching.

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