Friday, 29 May 2015

Anybody Home??

 Hi, It has been so long... So just checking in to see how things are going in and around blogsville. After a long trip to my parents, I came back and was very sloooowly recovering from so many shocks and aftershocks (read 'being lazy') and re-adapting myself to my environment. It meant loads of cleaning and laundry, and various little visits to and from friends. Meanwhile, my fingers were also itching and I did these two watercolour paintings. 

The above picture  is based on a photograph from Colleena Shakti's Flickr stream that I stumbled upon on Pinterest. I have pinned various such dance poses and intend to paint them one-by-one in future.

 I painted the above picture based on the following image I found on Pinterest, which I pinned for the express purpose of painting only. 

Quite a good similarity, huh? Well, to all of you connoisseurs of art, the obvious flaws would be visible in an instant, and I stand no chance as a painter, I know, I know! But, the visit to my parents made me nostalgic and I decided to revisit my school days, when I used to paint and do such stuff. 

I did these and a lot more... You sure will have to bear with a so much more of this kind, while I am on a roll!


  1. Again full marks and more for your efforts and the Pinterest browsing gives me ideas! Though I am not good at drawing I will carbon them and fill colours.....You are multi-talented!!!