Thursday, 3 September 2015

August Craftathon

It was again that time of the year for me, when I go working enthusiastically doing 'paperwork', i.e. an excuse to execute my artsy-craftsy fantasies in the real world. Remember this post from last August? While I found it hard to pull my attention away from my itchy fingers to update my blog amid all the work, I think it is high time now that I come here, before seasons change, which happens with me often; and before all the pictures that I took during these craft sessions get buried deep down in the crowd of other such data. This August was full of art and craft and void of blogging. But here and in a few upcoming posts, I am thinking of summing up what all I did. The above is a picture of a Ladies Meet circular background that I doodled on an A4 sheet with colored pens while on school run, remember this?

It was mostly done while I was waiting outside Coco's school in the car, when he was in the school for only an hour in the initial days. The completed background was then photographed, and the resulting image was then edited online to create the circular, which was written by yours truly, like a weather forecast, keeping in mind the theme for the meet, which was 'Rain and smiles.'

After the circular was done, some cards were required to be sent to senior ladies. The miniature copy of the colorful circular pasted to one side of the card rendered the plain white background of the other side looking too dull. Moreover, we needed to write the invitation on that side too. So to create a matching background for their personalized invitation, I set out doodling some more...
Although it was done hastily, and had more white space, it turned out looking pretty similar to the circular background. It lacked smileys, but it had a good amount of dark clouds and rain. 

And then, this sheet was again subjected to the same treatment of clicking-editing-printing, edited five or six times for different names, and the following was the overall look of the personal invitations. So, our ready made cards were having the custom size printouts of  these two images pasted on both the sides on the inside. 

Coming up posts: The card, envelope and paper bag for delivering this invitation.