Sunday, 27 December 2015

Happiness Galore!

The last few months have been crazily busy. I reminded myself almost daily to come here and write something, post new pictures, dole out news, but as they say...lazy peeps are never short of excuses. So, here we are again, half past December, in my favorite season of the year, on my favorite place on earth, sunning my lazy self on my bean bag, my hands full with knitting and cups of tea keep coming to keep me in a pleasant mood. 

It has been so many days since I dropped the threads that I am very confused as to where should I begin, what should I tell you first about? The Good news or the better one? Or better still, the best one? Haha, lets begin from somewhere, in chronological order. First of all, the trio here in Coco land celebrated all their birthdays and anniversaries etc, and this blog also became three years old. 

As we happily celebrated three birthdays and an anniversary in the past few months, the thing I was most worried about was the imminent posting due this month. I was not worried about packing or logistics. I was only worried that I would miss  the pleasant winter sun and lovely days of lazing on the lawn. Someone up there heard my prayers and gave us a rare second chance, that is, an extension. Coco's dad cleared the big exam that he was studying for and that is the reason behind this extended stay in the pleasant lap of Himalayas. However, we are also happy that his torturous long hours of studying are now behind us. But the extent of my happiness at this extension can be understood by those few people who have spent some time with me in that divine sun.

Meanwhile, being an army wife, I was also engaged in various social events that occur seasonally. Crazy days of 'Putti Parade'* in sarees happened. Additionally, festivals, parties, arrival of guests, Coco's school, short days of winter and my laziness, everything happened at once. And I forgot to deliver a great piece of news. Bringing Up Coco's entry 'Glee, Thy Name Is Tea' won the second prize in Blogadda's 'Ready for rewards' activity.  A few thousands worth of e-gift vouchers and a lot of happiness. Online shopping is trending nowadays in Cocoville.

Wait, that's not all! I have one more exciting news to share. Yours truly is now on her way to becoming a published author with her short story getting published in the upcoming anthology 'Colors: Shades of Life'. You will definitely be kept posted on this. This one is dedicated to you. Yes, you, the reader, who come here, read my posts and support me immensely. Without your support, all my stories would have stayed within me. So, yes, this one is definitely your doing. And I cannot thank you enough for this. 

PS: I love hearing from you, be it personally or through social media. I would love it even more if you comment here on my blog. Your valuable words will stay with me forever that way. Staying occupied with Coco and too much lazing in the sun has affected my memory, and I do not always remember what you said.

*Putti Parade is a type of punishment given to cadets in which they have to wear all their uniforms one by one and parade in front of the punishing authority, within an impossibly short span. And trust me, I tried unsuccessfully to count the number of uniforms that these people have!