Thursday, 31 March 2016

Lost In Pink!


Finally! These roses are here. I have already talked about them in this post. Blooming away to glory, waving their tiny faces at me whenever I peek out the door, which I do a lot these days. Reading newspaper? Peek out the door for a second. Cooking? Ah, lets take a 5 second break to peek out. Just being lazy? Get up and peek out the door. My love is here. These pink bundles of sheer sensory pleasure, that make me want to dance every single time I see them. I am possessed by them.
When I first gave a nod to move into my current house, the biggest reason were four wild rose shrubs planted in the garden of the house. They had been in my short list of 'must have in life' since always. We moved in here late in April 2014 and by then, the flowering season had already gone. I admired the last few receding flowers longingly and impatiently waited for the next year. But I was very disappointed to note that I had to be out of town for a couple of months just as the first buds started to blossom. I was crestfallen. It meant I would not be able to see the flowers in full bloom, because we were scheduled to move in December.

Anyways, I got a few cuttings prepared during the rainy season. I just could not bear to part with this love of my life, now that fate had brought us together in such a dramatic manner. But there was more than cuttings in store for me. It turned out that we were staying here for a few more months. This meant that I could finally see the roses blossoming in their full glory. Hearing this news all I could think of was Paulo Coelho:
                        When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.

So here I am, feasting my senses on the gorgeous bunches of wild roses. For those of you who were wondering why I was not writing anything, I was very busy in loving these rose bushes, among other things. I even refused a long trip to God's own country because I feared I would miss God's own flowers, just in case they decide to blossom early.  

Even Google knows my deep love for these. It styled this picture for me. In love!!