Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Picking Up Threads

Hello wonderful people,
After months of absence, I am back to blogland. No matter what I do, it never leaves my mind and always pulls me back. Whether I am mommying, crafting or holidaying, I always click pictures suitable to go on here. 

So, when Coco and his best friend (Let's call him Guru) came back from fancy dress competition in school and presented themselves for a photoshoot, I clicked a few shots to show to you. In the above picture, Coco is dressed as a pineapple and Guru as a traffic signal, because they insisted on being dressed so. Coco and Guru spend a lot of time together at school and home, eating and playing together, sometimes falling asleep in each other's home. They even exchange clothes when certain needs arise. Hence, Coco and Guru are true 'Chuddy Buddies'.

Meanwhile, life in Nilgiris is running fast paced. Dozens of things to do divide my time into such small fragments that I sometimes feel the day should be 48 hours long. So I prioritise my tasks, mostly ignoring housework, taking up the most interesting things first. As it is housework seems to be never ending, one thing leading to another, never leaving you free to pursue your own interests. Sometimes, I literally have to look for little pockets of time to do what I love most, because if I do not do it, my day seems worthless. 
And by now, you must be very well aware that I love crafts. So, after dropping Coco to school, I come back home, put evergreen hits on TV, and sit in front of it with my breakfast and my craft supplies. Then it is only me and my songs and crafts, till it is almost 12 o'clock, when I get ready, prepare lunch and bring Coco from school. In these few hours of the morning, when usually no one disturbs me, I do most of my intense work. 

Though, on days when Coco is at home, the routine is almost the same, only difference being him asking questions at the rate of  a million questions per hour or asking to 'share' some of my stuff. So much for teaching him 'sharing is caring'!   

Between all the mad rush of days, we take out time to explore the lovely hills, tea estates and picnic spots in and around the town. Though I still miss my previous 'forest resort' home in Himalayan foothills, it is apt to say that I am happy here, happy to be close to hills, happy to have a pleasant weather when North is shivering under foggy blankets, happy to see clouds descending down to enter my windows and rushing out the next moment to uncover the bright green tea gardens.  

The knowledge that the tenure at this lovely place is ending, and soon we will leave the salubrious climes to settle in some dusty industrial town, is also a reason why my affection with Nilgiris is growing, making me want to stay longer and absorb the beautiful feeling of being in the Nilgiris as much as possible.