Saturday, 30 June 2018

Conversations with Coco

It is with great wonder that I read or hear about the cute conversations people have with their kids. I too have plenty of them with Coco, but due to the lack of a script writer, they border on mundane to silly, unlike in movies where kids say timeless dialogues. I know, life is not a movie, but what does it take to say something like 'I'll bring the moon for you mommy' , as one of my friend's kid told her. I wondered as I read her facebook post about this particular talk and prayed for anything remotely as cute and intelligent coming from my prodigal son who has a talent of ending every conversation into a disappointment, although comical.

So, I felt elated when a couple of days later, he asked me, 'Mummy, I want to be highest. Should I climb a chair?'

Finding a great opportunity to finally unleash my worldly knowledge, I told him, he could climb Mt. Everest to be highest.

His eyes widened with pleasure at the prospect of such an adventure and he exclaimed, 'Wow!' Then after a pause asked, 'Will I be so high , I can touch clouds too?'

Pleased at the direction this conversation was going, I smiled and nodded vigorously, already picturing fleecy clouds floating around him on top of the Everest peak.
'Will there be birds around?' He further asked, and overwhelmed by his intelligent questions, I replied affirmatively.

And then came the inevitable reply that ruined the entire thing. Scrunching his nose, he whined, ' Nooo... I don't want to climb Mt. Everest.  The birds will poop on me!'

Now I am scrunching my nose in disgust as the great mountain climber that couldn't climb has left me flabbergasted, in search of another vocation where there's no chance of poop. 😣

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