Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Introduction to food

Dear Coco,

Today was your 'Annaprasan Sanskar' or formal introduction to food. I was happy to see you grown up enough to understand taste, what with all those faces that you made while you licked 'prasad' and other foods. I was sad too, because it marked the beginning of fraying of our cord.

Till today, I was the single most important person for you since you depended solely on me for food. Today, I realised that was one fibre gone from the rope that tied us together. Watching you eat was like watching sand slipping through my fingers, inevitable, beautiful and forlorn.
Gajar ka halwa, gazar ka halwa, indian dessert

Also, your Dadaji, who I associate with the most ideal behaviour on earth, surprised me. He insisted on feeding you ice cream daily henceforth because you seemed to like it today. How children transform people!

Happy eating son,