Saturday, 23 March 2013

Baby Shower at Number 19

eggs in a nest, pigeon eggs, two eggs
Lookie...who have been spotted?? Seen, clicked and pics forgotten in some folder. 
an egg in a nest, pigeon egg, pigeon's nest 
And then one of them went missing! :(  Where did it go?
This one was about to fall down too, sitting on the edge of the nest when I spotted it and used a stick to rescue it (Not with my hands because I thought the birds will reject it, which as it turns out is a myth! )
And I rescued what was already rejected. Next day this one had vanished too. I was sad. I did not understand then that those eggs did not have babies.
Now, Mrs. Pigeon has laid new eggs and drumroll please... I saw a teeny tiny yellow wobbly chick with round protruded eyes. Not quite flattering. It is ugly. But seeing a baby pigeon up close certainly made me happy and squealy! Yeee..... (Pics might come based on chance that the bird leaves for a while.)