Thursday, 18 April 2013

About March in Delhi

Remembering a lovely and cool March in Delhi as the temperatures have started soaring. Oh, those beautiful colours!

That first burst of green...

fabric painting, painting flowers, bedsheet design
Having some crafty fun in those cool and lazy afternoons...

 The satisfaction of a peaceful domestic life...
kanji, homemade, appetiser, preparation
That colourful Holi preparation, making Kanji and feasting on vibrant hues!
Kanji, appetizer, recipe kanji recipe
Addition of more colours to Kanji..
Kanji, drink, appetiser, appetizer, recipe
And marvelling on my own arty creation...
Kanji, appetiser, homemade welcome drink recipe
Ooh that lovely red!

And look at that green...

New leaves on mango tree
Green, green , green...
Tomatoes, colourful
And red again!
fabric painting, hand embroidery, embroidery pattern
My happy heart knows no boundaries for splashing colours..
Hand painted, hand embroidered bedsheet
And relishing the fruit of my imagination and labour..
Signing off from Delhi, will meet at a new destination!