Monday, 13 May 2013

Horn Ok Please!

Moving on....

highway road travel
I have always liked travelling by road better than other modes of transport. The opportunities to enjoy journey by road always keep coming and I jump in the passenger seat happily, while hubby dear takes charge behind the steering wheel. It is a pleasure to watch life go by in close vicinity while I enjoy my type of music(a privilege of the person in passenger seat mostly) and snacks. Another reason to like road travel which I figured out recently is getting long hours alone with my perennially busy-busy-busy husband where I can talk all I want... with almost zero disturbance.
truck road highway

So here we are, hitting the road again, and I am happily looking around and commenting on anything and everything that tickles my fancy. Roads tend to be boring, but there is a lot of amusement if one looks closely. If someone is a stickler to correct written Hindi like me, they can easily spot the humour in unlikely places.
highway road truck travel transport
This time, the topic of my scrutiny were truck phrases. Some of them were sentimental kind like the above one, some polite, some morally correct, some grammatically incorrect, some of them trying to prove that they were the ultimate hunk on the road while some others were simply hilarious.

highway road truck travel transport
This one is patriotic as well as optimistic with a hint of religion.

truck phrases travel road highway transport
Simply greeting strangers is what anyone could do to spread some cheer.

travel highway road truck phrases
The above first claimed to be a 'jalwa king'and then mysteriously changed its beliefs to 'kahani kismat ki'.

truck phrases highway transport

 I have seen a lot of vehicles with 'Maa ka ashirvad' with ashirvad almost always spelled wrong. This one gets a commendation for correct Hindi. Though the phrase also appears on cars in a different avatar 'daddy gift', wrong grammar implying why dad had to gift the car!

highway road truck phrases transport
I have seen and missed more hilarious ones, sometimes while I was busy with Coco, and later because the camera battery died (poor thing had no choice!). So, among all available pics, the grand prize for naivety, humour and cheekiness goes to this one. (Remember: charge batteries of all kinds always before leaving home)

Oh, did I mention my favourite rickshaw phrase? It is always:
Jinne apni Maa nu sataya,
Unne sari umar riksha hi chalaya.
(One who teases his mother, has to peddle a rickshaw all his life)

I often use it to blackmail people into doing my will. :)