Sunday, 28 June 2015

It's Raining Love!

(Theme 2)
Every year on her wedding anniversary, my mother makes quite a stir about shopping for gifts. She makes sure that both the involved parties exchange gifts, however small the gifts may be. Once or twice, I have been caught unaware when she would suddenly ask me what I gift on special occasions to my husband, and I have nothing to say, except give her a blank look.  However I am observing that gifts for husband/boyfriend/fiance are more common than I know and girls enthusiastically planning/buying/making their gifts or surprises inspired a tinge of jealous competitive pondering: is it high time to give a gift to my husband?

Today when I was going through, I came across many articles about gift giving in the family life section ( ), and a particular one caught my eye. The article was about homemade gifts for husband. I was perplexed again. I realized I have almost never gifted anything to my husband on anniversaries or birthdays, bought or homemade, other than thinking about gifts and conveniently forgetting buying/making them, on the pretext of being busy with something else. Though it did not mean that I forgot receiving gifts. I never let a single chance go when I could get a gift from him, sometimes waiting quietly, sometimes dropping hints, sometimes even asking blatantly, as per the demand of the occasion.

Though I have made a solid resolution of buying a gift for my husband on the next special occasion, the rewardme article inspired me to gift him something today, without any occasion, just like that. It was well past noon and I was already late for my household chores, and homemade was the natural choice for the lazy wife, since it involves working cozily on one's kitchen chair/sofa/bed, while sipping tea comfortably. After a little thinking and planning, I settled on writing a letter to him as a gift, on a doodled paper. For this I only required pen and paper. Well, not just pen and paper, nice coloured pens and good looking scrapbook page, thank you.  

Then I started my little doodle project, which I think is a very easy thing to do. If you cannot draw a straight line, this is meant for you, for it seldom requires many straight lines. Once you have caught your doodling pace, it can have meditation like effects, and it can be done anywhere with limited resources. The above collage is my attempt at presenting the step by step progress of the work, without putting too many pictures. It begins at top left and goes clockwise, as you would have guessed.

So, I started at the bottom of the page and figured out it is turning out like a landscape, little plants and flowers on ground, trees on the sides and dark clouds above, raining little swirly raindrops and little hearts too :). Then it was time to write the letter, which I wrote, not quite an elaborate one. The reasons for the brevity are, one: I wanted to preserve my privacy (its internet, remember!!) and two: I was lazy, well, mostly lazy. 

After completing it and writing enough words to express my feelings (hey, pictures/doodles are worth so many words, right!), I presented the letter to its intended recipient whose head was buried in a heavy book, and he made his 'like' face, which I know by experience; he also readily agreed to leave the page in scrapbook itself, so I could write him a scrapbook full of such 'letters', as I told him. I think that would make an awesome gift. 

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