Friday, 21 June 2013

Babies are cute! So are dogs!!

Watching 'Turner and Hooch' on TV, it was a moment of truth when Scott Turner yelled at Hooch, the dog: "You've been doing this (barking) for two and a half hours. My God! Stop it. Stop it now. You have burgers. Eat those buns. Drink that water if you are thirsty. What am I supposed to do? Make you a Maragarita? Huh? You tell me. Tell me..."

I can't stop smiling. I immediately relate to the frustration. That is what Coco does some nights or even days when he won't eat or sleep or play and would want my constant attention. I would not have slept more than three hours in last 24 hours, I am hungry, want a cup of tea, thirsty, and he won't let me even get up to have a glass of water. It is then that I would start losing patience and start whining: "My God! You've been doing this for hours. What do you want? Tell me. I have given you milk. There are toys. Or sleep if you feel sleepy. You tell me. Tell me!"

I have read somewhere that high BP patients should keep either a dog or a baby at home. If the dog is like Hooch, or the baby is like Coco in one of the above described moods, God help the patient!