Thursday, 20 June 2013

Bai re Bai

Missing good old days, lazy morning 'Chai'

What does a woman need for a peaceful life? Well, among many other things, a good house-help. The one that comes to my home has all the traits of a good help:

a. Is punctual
b. Works neatly

That is all I could think of now. But she does something that annoys me greatly and disrupts my peaceful (read lazy) lifestyle. Every small item that she washes : bowls, spoons, grater, peeler, knife etc- she keeps at a different place daily. You keep looking for a few minutes frantically, as the oil burns in the pan, then take a deep breath, sim the stove and use you imagination. Daily it is a treasure hunt of sorts for me and I work my brain harder than I have ever done for a five-star Sudoku.

Today it is the teeny tiny peeler that was hanging in place of the cooker lid, barely visible, and the original occupant of that place was kept hidden below all the other big utensils. I guess she needs to be on Masterchef, giving the contestants a tough time searching for their cooking tools.

God bless you bai ji, for I am just going to be here for 10 more days.