Saturday, 1 June 2013

An evolving crafter!

baby sleeping with teddy bear
A peacefully sleeping baby, a few hours ahead with nothing to do. Catch some sleep? Read a book? watch a movie?? Well.... mulling..

Often, I feel an itchy urge in my hands to create something beautiful. With the baby around, though I hardly get any free time, I try to sneak a few crafty strokes here and there, even if that means sacrificing sleep by this lazy lazy woman in those sleepy summer afternoons.

Ready for my latest enterprise? Here goes:

fabric painting, painted bed sheet
Its a pleasure seeing the mental picture of those blossoms shaping up.

fabric painting bed sheet
More angles, loving them!

hand painted cherry blossom bed sheet
Mmm.. closer..

hand painted bed sheet, cherry blossom painting
Wow, the sheet has finally found its way on my Ma-in-law's divan, blossoming prettily!

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