Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Blossoms In My Courtyard

When we first moved into this house in February, this tree in our courtyard was leafless and full of little berry shaped yellowed fruits, looking exactly like neem fruits or nimbolis which dropped and covered the ground enhancing the pallor of the whole scene. We thought we will get this almost dead and useless berries tree chopped down and will plant some good trees so that people who inhabit this house later will have better views and benefits of occupying this place.
After this, we went out for exactly ten days, and when we came back, we were greeted by this sight....

Had the tree been listening??

 Not only the green foliage, it also has lovely blossoms now with a heady scent, typical of Indian summer flowers. Whenever I rush out of the back door, I am always distracted by its lovely perfume.
 Like berries, its leaves also look like neem leaves and flowers are in the above picture. I do not know the name of the tree, but it sure is a sibling of neem.

The courtyard also has a lemon tree and is blossoming currently. Ah, that lovely fragrance which is good enough to freshen a lazy woman. 
One of our typical evening walks, with the guys marching ahead and me getting distracted all the time with stuff like this.
The onset of summer is beautiful here, where I currently live, in a cantonment of a foothill town of Uttarakhand. My evening walks are fragrant and lovely and filled with cuckoo songs, I can spot the snow on nearby mountains and I have to make myself cosy in a sweatshirt in April. I guess it remains as beautiful throughout the year, like in the song 'barah mahine yahan mausam jaadon ka' ( twelve months of winter.) Ah, life in a hill station.......