Wednesday, 2 April 2014

For Screaming '' Rafflesia"

Better late than never... I remembered this phrase while I was deciding between sharing this event and leaving it forgotten ( because it happened nearly a month ago) like many others in my blog's folder. The lazy woman is hit by bouts of laziness and internet snag and what not in whatever brief time she is free to blog.

Anyways, now overcoming all the hurdles, here we are talking about the lovely flower show we had last month when the blooms were at peak. Among bright crisp sunny days, this was a lovely afternoon when I was pulled out of my siesta to get ready and go see the above mentioned flower show.

 Always interested in beautiful sights, I reached the venue and started hopping from table to table, clicking away to glory...needless to say, flowers are always beautiful. I could not decide whether I should leave some of them un-photographed!

Later, I also had a hard time selecting best looking ones for the blog. Although the actual site was all pretty and colourful, the pictures looked washed out, mostly because the day was incredibly bright.

Moving on from category to category, when I reached the spot where Bonsai plants were displayed, I could not take my eyes off this beauty. As it turned out, it was the first prize winner, rightly so.

More colours, more pleasure and finally everyone moved to the seating area where prize distribution was to take place. They also had a little quiz. Oh, look at that table laden with prizes....

How could it happen that there was a shower of coloured packages and I could stay quiet? I screamed out Rafflesia as an answer to a question when I thought everyone knows it and no one will probably hear how loud I can scream. As luck would have it, I was the only one knowing the answer this time. A little embarrassed , a little happy too, I grabbed my prize and made a dash to my chair, shaking internally. 

Not bad for screaming 'Rafflesia' though, hm?