Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Lonely Poppy Popped Up!

 There have been a lot of flowery inspiration all around me since the beginning of this year. To begin with, I moved to a cantonment, and cantonments have the most well kept personal gardens. Then, it was the peak season of winter-spring flowers. I attended a flower show too which inspired me to wake up and smell the 'flower'! Long ago, I loved planting flowers and had a lot of interest in plants being a student of botany.  

 A couple of days before Holi, a lovely neighbor invited a group of ladies for tea and some gossip. The party was good, but what I  really liked was her flower beds. 

The lovely flowers in each direction of her courtyard were beckoning me to take a break from my chitchat and go clickety-click with my mobile camera. Oh, the sight of flowers makes me so happy!

Oh, the reds and blues, the yellows and purples.. Do you know what was even more awesome? This....

An invitation to the monthly ladies meet with floral theme! Though I could not attend the meet, all the flower-pollen surely affected my thinking process and I made elaborate plans of growing some flowers in my courtyard too. So what if Coco takes all my time and so what if it is already almost April. I figured out that since the weather was fairly cool, I could fool some plants into thinking it was still winter and coax out some flowers from them.

Next thing I saw was little bunches of flower plants finding their way into  flower beds hastily cleared off of the weeds and dead leaves which were accumulating since the previous residents left.

And then... I dropped it all and we left for a 10 day trip leaving the little plants to elements. When we came back,I inspected all the plants, and to my surprise, there was something.  

This malnutritioned, straggly poppy plant with a single frail flower. For the fun of it, I quickly clicked some pictures before it vanished too. 

Though I had expected nothing, and was already planning to plant summer flowers, the single poppy definitely made me happy. Some other plants are giving out a flower here, a bud there too. Not bad till I find the drive to do some actual gardening.