Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Blossoms Again!

Look what greeted us cheerfully, as we came back home to a wet and dripping beginning of March, after a quick trip to Banaras, where weather has warmed up already like it is April. Just within five days, so many flowers appeared while I was away! I enjoy little trips, but coming home is always a joy, which was doubled-tripled by this view. As our car turned to enter the little road which ends at my house, I was breathless at the awesome sight. Blossoms! Right here! 


Since we moved in here, this tree bothered me to no limits. At first, I thought it is some kind of fruit tree of hills, as it's leaves looked like apricot leaves. But on inquiring, I came to know that it is a wild tree. When it bore fruits later, they were as good as little stones which even monkeys did not eat. I would not go close to the tree as there was a red 'chunni' tied to its trunk, and I thought probably it is someone's object of worship and I should honour (stay away from) it. So, overall to me, it was an ugly mysterious tree, with no practical use other than releasing some oxygen I guess. 

I started liking it a little recently when I saw lovely little sunbirds playfully hopping its bare branches this winter. But I did not know that it had in store this loveliest gift of blossoming like apple trees. Though it had started blossoming before we left for our trip, but I did not know it would give so many flowers and would look so pretty in full bloom.
I always find flowers lovely and whatever mood I am in, flowers always make me happy (That must be true for most of us!) And when I saw this, I went all crazy, jumping rainwater filled puddles to capture the dripping blossoms. The tree seems to be rewarding me for my silently enduring its rickety presence in one corner of the lawn.
So, this was the story of that neem-like tree from last year all over again. I love happy surprises, and happy endings, who doesn't? 
In the afternoon, I stepped out once again to take a quick look again at the blossoms and all the other flowers that I had planted before the trip. The Dianthuses are blooming, so are the Dahlias. All others are budding and I am waiting for the flowers to appear with bated breath.

But there was something yet to be discovered, which was shown to me by my husband while we were having tea in the veranda. This!!
Finally, it is here, my reason to move in this place ridden with leopards and wild boars! The first flower of the lovely wild roses. Yay! I did a little dance at this flowery bonus as I could hardly hold the tea cup. Waiting for more, impatiently.

Till then, this is going to be the feast for my eyes.