Saturday 7 March 2015

How Does My Garden Grow?


As I was on a creative high after completing my hand painted dupatta, I was feverishly trying designs for another fabric painting project. Somehow, flowers always come up as a favourite topic when it comes to fabric painting. So I was trying on various flowers in different colour combinations, thinking about how they will look on the actual fabric that I had in mind, nervous that if do not arrive at the right colour and design, I might just ruin my fabric.


Somewhere in this painting spree, I realized I should take a peek at the various flowers which had been duly planted in time to give flowers during the spring time. African daisies, Hollyhocks, Dahlias and Bachelors Buttons, along with the four adorable wild rose bushes that were giving buds for nearly a month now.  I just might get better ideas for painting flowers. 

As I came out and looked around, I was saddened at the state of it all. Almost no flowers, emaciated plants, drying grass, all the signs of an abandoned garden. It was as if no one lived there. What? I was so busy in my bean-bag-projects in the garden, that I never paid attention to how the plants were being taken care of, and simply waited for them to give flowers, wasting all the valuable time when I should have taken good care of my plants. I was on the verge of tears.   

Whatever little colour was there was either of the wild yellow flowers or these radish plants growing in the dilapidated kitchen garden. I kicked myself. What is the use of all my love for flowers and gardening, if there are no flowers, that too in spring? What am I getting out of having an open area available if lovely flowers are not to be seen surrounding my house? 
Last year, you were moving homes and could not do anything about flowers. What Is your excuse this season, lady?
I was after my husband to appoint a gardener since we moved in here. But somehow the matter kept getting ignored as more important issues kept us busy. The local garden section provided plants and they were duly planted, not by me, and the wait began. But obviously the results were nowhere to be seen. I had to drop my laziness then and there and take the matter in my own hands before it was too late.

That evening, I picked up the car, rushed to the nearest nursery and bought ready to flower plants, as many as could be accommodated in the boot, and promised them to come back for more! By hook or by crook, I had to have flowers in my garden. 

 So, my first trip purchases were Pansies, Petunias, Dianthus, Dogflowers, and a single Tulip.

 In my second trip to the nursery, I bought Dahlias, Ranunculus and Cineraria, and was now quite satisfied that at least I would be able to see some colour this flower season.

The next morning, as I took my usual place in the bean bag, I was the proud woman who had everything, a steaming cup of tea, an awesome book in my hands and lovely colourful flowers surrounding the lawn. Ah! Life is nothing without these colours, I thought as I took a deep breath of satisfaction.

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