Thursday, 29 January 2015

A Message For Indian Women: Break Those Rules...One At A Time!

Hi there,

My blog is mainly about how I go about my life, doing whatever, taking pictures along the way. I tend to have clear views about society and its absurdities, but I normally keep them to myself. As long as I am the queen of my own home and world, I am at peace, trying to make you see how little things add most value to life while you girls are searching the internet for answers on small issues like 'can girls wash their hair on amavasya?' (because that makes this My most popular post). Nah, do not feel bad. I have been there too! So I know these small issues can really add up to become a huge problem in our lives. 

If you are an Indian woman who is resourceful enough to find a computer with an internet connection, educated enough to type those words in English and smart enough to look for the answer on the internet, please understand that you are very fortunate, a gazillion times more than the average Indian( including all genders) to have all these resources, i.e. money, brains and time. Now the responsibility lies on you girl, to use them to do something worthwhile and productive. 

Yes, of course you can wash your hair on any day if you want to. It is your own hair. Believe me, the sky is not going to fall. God has better things to do than punishing someone for being hygienic, and if He (or She, who knows!)  is ever in a bad mood, the world has no dearth of criminals roaming on the streets. 

If you still have doubts (which you have, i know), here I am. I have done it all. I have experimented with my own hair and washed them on every single day of the week, and bam! nothing happened. I put to risk my own jars of homemade pickles and touched them with my bare hands, during my periods. Those jars are doing just fine. I also touched my plants and they are still green and flourishing.

By the way, I can be almost sure, if you have typed this question to reach here, you are a woman. I have never seen any guy who is ever bothered about this. Getting my point? You cannot go backwards and forwards at the same time. So set your priorities, whether you want to move ahead with everyone else, or let such ridiculous stuff pull you back.

And just chill. Shake off the notion that the gears of the universe run upon the amount of grease in your hair. If you really have to ask, ask correct questions which we all can be proud of. All the best to you.