Friday, 9 January 2015

Sunny Side Up

Hello there! A lot has happened in between my last post and today. The calendar has changed for starters! So wishing you a great year ahead. Stay happy and keep visiting this place. :)

The weather in these parts is awesome. While the rest of Northern Plains are shivering in a foggy winter, we get some respite with the bright sunshine and clear weather. The above picture was taken yesterday, in a moment of wondering how much bluer the sky could get here! Though we got our share of rain showers last week too, it was not too much of an impact.

Meanwhile we are making our hay while the sin shines.. ;) I mean, we enjoy our daily routine of bean bag-tea-knitting-playing-running in the garden, which has also been planted with flower plants and we hope to see some flowers by next month.
This time the project is for myself, and I am really happy with this colour and the feel of this Oswal Moher-lon yarn, which is a blend of Mohair and nylon ( my best guess). Best part is it is quite photogenic :D. Being the follower of a few foreign craft blogs, I often wonder about the sad state of yarns availability in India, and the sadder state of knitting. No information is provided on yarn labels, and the sellers are equally uninformed. In the past month I have visited 3 handicraft/handloom fairs and have seen what they are selling in the hand-knitted sweater shops and am really disappointed. 

Anyways, my last project which was a red sweater and beret for my sister was successfully completed and delivered and liked by the recipient. I just could not get a decent enough picture of it clicked and would hope that she would get one for me.

On that note of great hopes and expectations in this year, I once again wish happy sunny days ahead for everyone.

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