Thursday, 15 January 2015

Coco's Sankranti Celerations

What?!! Are we looking into a river? An ocean? Where else do you see such bluest blue? Its the sky here!

Yeah, look again! Not a single fluffy white spot in sight, the sky is as clear as it gets. After a single rainy day, which was due to the fact that it snowed in Mussoorie, and we are in the neighborhood, it is all clear again today. All the more glory to our Makar Sankranti celebration here.
While I was mostly overjoyed that my  annual ritual of making 'Til ke Laddoo' saw another booming success, the boys had a unique plan.

My husband found out that Coco loves to 'Gadan' (Garden), he brought home two saplings, a Jamun and a Guava and both of them had a little gardening fest with media cameras (Ahem, me!) clicking away snapshots.
And thus we felt good that someone might enjoy their fruits one day. Coco was mostly feeling good that he could get to hold fistfuls of soil and throw it randomly without mommy frowning.