Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Happiness is....

1. Having a cup of strong tea in the afternoon, or whenever I feel like.

2. ..receiving gifts of any nature, preferably edible gifts.

3. ...coming across a lovely place on a road trip.
4. ...watching lovely plants grow in my garden.

5. ...buying random stuff for home, with no particular need, bringing them home and looking at them, rather staring at them, again and again.
6. ...feasting my eyes on knick-knacks around the house.
7. ...mmm, eating scoopfulls of orange marmalade, anytime during the day(or night)!...Going to have one right now!!

8. Watching lovely birds (here, white crested laughing Thrush, as National Geographic told me) around the garden, chirruping sweet notes.

9. Spotting Coco's stuff lying around messily, reminding me of his playfulness.
10. ...coming to know that exotic fruits are growing on their own in forgotten corners of my garden!

...and a lot of them!

Being randomly happy is the best thing in the world. Often it comes out of sheer laziness ;)